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Welcome to First Line. We are a premier equipment & maintenance provider serving financial institutions, primarily banks and credit unions with the equipment and service they need to operate efficiently & create a great customer experience built around security. Products range from ATMs & ATM kiosks, drive up tube systems, coin & currency counters and video surveillance systems.

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Transforming distribution and marketing with key capabilities in customer insight and analytics.

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Transforming distribution and marketing with key capabilities in customer insight and analytics.


Leading the industry in Bank & Credit Union Security

ATM Maintenance

needs to be a proactive rather than reactive policy for any financial institution or 3rd party location. ATM failure & downtime can cost a bank or credit union a considerable amount of money and time. We specialize in bringing solutions and fixes to problems before they occur.


ATM Security

is a core concern for any financial institution regardless if the machine is located in house or at an offsite location. As an industry leader in anti-skimming, shimming, and anti-jackpotting protecting your assets is our number one priority at First Line.


Financial Equipment Provider

Choosing the correct bank equipment for financial institutions can be a daunting task. This is where First Line comes in with expertise in consulting, sales and installation of all facets of security from ATMs, surveillance systems, coin & currency counters, drive up tube systems, drawers, teller pods, cash lockers, safes, vaults, and vault doors.


Video Surveillance Systems

for banks & credit unions are not a one size fits all nor is one application a fit for all. We custom build our security systems to your need from the front entry, to the drive-up window to the vault we keep you 100% secure thru video, audio, temperature and fire.

Other Financial Services We Offer

Other offerings that set us apart from our competitors are graphics wraps & signage for standalone or island ATMs as well as ATM kiosks, and drive up pressure washing which removes the heavy oil build up that occurs due to the amount of vehicles and time spent sitting in the drive up lanes. Our pressure washing services extend from the drive up area to include entire building exteriors. Our video surveillance/security solutions as well as exterior building pressure washing services extend to other businesses & organizations, in addition to financial institutions.


Something About Us

When They Say It Can't Be Done, We Do It!

As the leading specialized ATM kiosk restoration experts, FIRSTLINE provides detailed, quality renewal solutions for your ATM kiosks & equipment. From specialized maintenance services and innovative security & financial institution equipment solutions, we've got all your financial equipment & maintenance needs covered.

Our Background

Working for over 20 years in the sales & service of bank equipment, we have seen the neglect of equipment due to lack of time in the service departments. Their job is to keep you running, our job is to not only keep your equipment running properly but also keep your equipment looking great. The life of your equipment will be extended and at the same time protect the image of your business.



Customer from Springfield, Illinois

"Please accept our thanks on a job very well done in resolving the many problems we have had since the beginning when these were purchased. It's unfortunate that the financial services company we bought these from was solely interested in making a sale while providing little to no support. The real sign of a quality company is the support after the sale and First Line stands head & shoulders above the many other companies who sell but don't support their products. Thanks again."


Customer from Western Illinois

"Your team did a great job on the maintenance at the drive-up. The ATM looks better than it did when we bought it!"


Customer from Mattoon, Illinois

"Matt went the 'extra mile' to finally get this (issue) resolved... I appreciate it!" - 

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